Digital Marketing: Definition, Advantages, Types and Strategies

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a marketing strategy using digital media and the internet.

Have you ever seen a brand or company product that conducts a digital campaign or online campaign?

Or maybe you have also seen it through a company’s website and social media?

Lately, of course, you often see all of these things. These things are called digital marketing.

The concept and application of digital marketing is something that is done to boost product sales from a brand.

Along with technological advances, trends in the business world are also increasingly varied. One of them is the digital marketing trend.

Then, how important is digital marketing in a business that sells certain products?

To answer that question, you can listen to the explanation below to understand it clearly.

What is Digital Marketing (DM)?

Digital marketing is an activity of marketing or promoting a brand or product using digital media or the internet.

The purpose of digital marketing is to attract consumers and potential consumers quickly.

As we know, the acceptance of technology and the internet in society is so broad that it is no wonder digital marketing activities are the main choice by companies.

As a result, companies compete with each other to create interesting content to be displayed in their marketing in cyberspace.

Some examples of marketing techniques included in digital marketing are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online advertising such as FB ads and Google Ads, print media promotions, television and radio advertisements, electronic billboards, email marketing, mobile marketing, and others.
Definition of Digital Marketing According to Experts

Of course, experts in digital marketing have their own definitions.

The definition of digital marketing according to experts is as follows, what are they?

1. Ridwan Sanjaya & Josua Tarigan (2009)

Digital marketing is a marketing activity including branding that uses various media.

For example, blogs, websites, e-mail, adwords, and various social media networks.

2. Kleindl and Burrow (2005)

Digital marketing is a process of planning and implementing concepts, ideas, pricing, promotion and distribution.

In simple terms, it can be interpreted as building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between consumers and producers.

3. Heidrick & Struggles (2009)

Digital marketing uses the development of the digital world to do advertising that is not heralded directly but has a very influential effect.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

The amount of digital marketing used by companies, proves that this has many advantages and benefits that can be obtained, what are they?

Here are some of the advantages of digital marketing compared to conventional marketing.

1. Speed of Dissemination

Marketing strategies using digital media can be done very quickly, even in seconds.

In addition, DM can also be measured in realtime and precisely.

2. Ease of Evaluation

By using online media, the results of marketing activities can be known immediately.

Information such as how long your product is watched, how many people see your product, what percentage of sales conversion from each ad and so on.

After knowing such information, you can then evaluate which ads are good and bad.

So that you can improve for the next period.

3. Wider Reach

The next advantage is the wide geographical reach of DM. You can spread your brand or product all over the world in just a few easy steps by utilizing the internet.

4. Cheap and Effective

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is much cheaper and more effective.

The budget cost saved can be up to 40%, according to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report.

In addition, the survey also shows that 28% of small businesses will move to digital because it is proven to be more effective.

5. Builds Brand Name

Digital marketing helps you build your brand name well.

Having an online presence with your brand is very important because people will search online before buying your product.


That’s the definition and some digital marketing mistakes that often occur and can destroy businesses.

In addition, there are mistakes that are considered trivial but apparently also have a considerable impact, namely not optimizing the use of social media.

Among them are ignoring responses and suggestions from consumers on social media, buying fake followers or likes, and many more.

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